1. Students should be regular and punctual to school.
  2. The school begins with morning assembly every day. Attendance is compulsory. Late comers or absentees on the previous day must bring the late attendance or leave record signed by the parents or guardians to be shown to the Headmaster. Before entering the class, they must show the teacher this record counter signed by the Headmaster.
  3. Student should always be clean and well dressed in complete and correct school uniform.
  4. The school handbook should be brought daily to the school.
  5. Students are responsible for the care of their personal belongings. They should not bring jewellery, ornaments, watches etc., to the school. The school management takes no responsibilities for their loss.
  6. Students should at all times show reverence to the school authorities and the staff. They should also be gentle and polite to their fellow students.
  7. Students are not permitted to take half-a-day leave or permission during the school hours for any reason.
  8. No leave is granted except with a written request from the parent/guardian in the prescribed form.
  9. When a student is on sick  leave for more than three days, medical certificate must be produced. No students will be allowed to attend the school with infectious diseases like, chickenpox, mumps, measles, etc.
  10. No students will be permitted to write the annual examination without a minimum of 80% attendance. If the students has sufficient reason for absence/ leave, such as sickness, the Headmaster has to power to condone upto 65% attendance.
  11. Students absent from examination with out a valid reason will be considered as having failed. Students absent for any examination will not be re-examined.
  12. Promotion will be decided after considering the student’s progress throughout the year. The pass mark in all subjects is 40%. Nursery and preparatory classes will be given grades only.
  13. A progress report will be issued at the end of the first two terms. Students should submit the same with the signature of the parent/guardian withing two days of the issue. Any loss of report card will be replaced at cost of Rs.25/-
  14. Students are strictly forbidden to bring objectionable books, newspaper, periodicals etc. to the school.
  15. Application for Transfer Certificate should be made to the Headmaster in writing by the parent/guardian of the pupil stating the reason. If required at the beginning of an academic year, it should be made before closing the school year. First quarter fee will have to be paid by those who apply after reopening.
  16. The bell before the assembly or class is a call to be obeyed promptly. Movements for assembly and from one class to another should be done in silence and in "Q".
  17. Students are strictly forbidden to make any collection of money without the explicit permission from the Headmaster.
  18. Library books lost have to be compensated by the amount stipulation by the Headmaster.
  19. English which is the medium of instruction in this school should be used at all times in the school premises.
  20. No student will receive private correspondence through the school.
  21. It is compulsory to be present on all important days such as re-opening day, closing day. School anniversary day, Sports day and other function days.
  22. Students should take care of the school property. Damage done to any school property must be paid for at the discretion of the Headmaster.
  23. Students should bring the text books and note books according to the class timetable of the day.
  24. Private tuition after school hours is actively discouraged. Hence, school teacher should not be engaged to give private tuitions except by the arrangement of the Headmaster for special coaching.
  25. The school cannot be held responsible for accidents, small or serious, to pupils during the school hours or excursions.
  26. Insubordination, irregular attendance, habitual laziness, any kind of malpractices in the examination etc., are sufficient reasons for the dismissal of a student from the school.
  27. Every student should endeavour to keep up the tone and fair name of the school be excelling in good manner. Parents are requested to co-operate with the school authorities to enforce discipline, punctuality and regularity in the accomplishment of their children’s progress.