Computer Education:

Teaching of Computer Science commences from Standard 1. Our school computer lab is fully air-conditioned and is equipped with enough computers .Smart board computer is also available in every class.

Medical Inspection:

Medical Inspection is conducted annually in the school for the benefit of the students through Daniel school Clinic situated in the school. It cover eyes, E.N.T., Dental, Skin and general check up. Parents should look into the medical recommendations without delay and take necessary action.

House system:

With the aim of promoting healthy competition in the classroom and playground, the students are divided into four houses. They are named after four precious stones and identified by colours  as follows:

Emerald-Green Sapphire-Blue
Ruby-Red Topaz-Yellow

School Captains and House Captions:

Pupil of the Higher Secondary School, High School, Middle and Primary classes Super Senior, Junior and Sub-Junior wing respectively.

Every year, a School Captain will be selected from each of the four wings. The senior most will be the School Captain. He/She will help in the formation and dispersal of every school assembly and also in disciplinary matters such as orderliness  and cleanliness.

A House Captain and a Vice-Captain are selected from each of the four houses. A Games Captain and a  Vice-Captain will also be selected from the seniors to head the four houses in games and athletics. All these Games and House Captains will help in the conduct of intramurals, sports and other House activities.

The School Captains and the Games Captains will be inducted at a  Investiture Ceremony held at the beginning of each year and awarded special badges.

Class Leader and Squad Leaders:

At the beginning of every year, Class Leaders and Squad Leaders are selected by the class teachers. Their duties include the maintenance of the cleanliness of the class room, checking antisocial and irregular acts, helping teachers in bringing  and returning aids for class room teaching, minding the class in the absence of the teachers, guiding fellow pupils marching to and from the school assembly and classrooms and also looking after the orderly dispersal when the school closes for the day.

Co-Curricular and Extra- Curricular Activities:

The school is affiliated to the East Chennai District High and Higher Secondary Schools Athletic Association. Games like Volleyball, Badminton, Cricket, Kho-kho etc. are played in school.

Literary Association:

All pupils are members of the association. The association aims at exploring the literary talents of its members through its many-sided activities such as elocution, recitation, essay writing., poem composition, story writing, dramatics, music etc., at ordinary functions special meetings, competitions etc.

Arts and Craft Association:

All pupils are members of this association. This association aims at the fullest expression of the artistic creative and aesthetic skills of its members through periodic competitions and exhibition.

Scout Movement:

School Scouts & Guides group is affiliated to the North Chennai Bharat Scouts & Guides Association. Any pupil of the school from standard III upward can get himself / herself trained as a Cub / Bulbul / Scout / Guide. The object of the scout movement is to train the pupils to be pure in thought, word and deed and to be loyal and patriotic citizens. It inculcates in them a spirit of service to others and develops worldwide brotherhood.

Junior Red Cross Society:

Service – minded pupils of all classes from Std. VI are admitted as members of  the society. Under the guidance of the J.R.C Counsellor, the members are taught to render first – aid and keep the school and its surroundings clean and tidy.

Road Safety Patrol:

Students from XI Std are selected for R.S.P. and given training for traffic regulation by the Traffic Police department. They do service during school functions.

Van Service:

A van service is operated everyday for the convenience of students coming from long distance at specified pickup / dropping points, on payment.