Dr.D.Kovilpillai  hails  from a remote village in Tirunelveli District called Parankundrapuram Abject poverty propelled him to drop-out of school and leave home and come to Chennai way back in 1969 to find a means for existence.

He found as a work laborer in one of the Snuff Cos, in North Chennai. There he learnt the trade and decided to start his own venture with the help of his 3 brothers. He established the distinguished D.S. Brand which manufactures Snuff, Asafoetida  and other products today and is a brand leader in its line of business.

Without the privilege of a proper education, he was propelled to start a small nursery school with the proceeds of their business.  With the able guidance and advise of Mr. V.V.S. Paulraj a National Award winning HM of a local school, the Rajammal Education and Charitable Trust was established in 1995. Being an astute builder and architect by experience Dr. Kovilpillai ensured that proper infrastructure was provided to the school. Today Our Daniel school is the best school in North Chennai with more than 3000 students with modern facilities.

Dr. Kovilpillai was awarded a Doctorate for Social services by the Inter American University of Humanistic studies, USA for his distinguished achievements in the field of Social Service.

He has been crown with the title ‘Chevalier’ by

With the poor and needy in mind, his work continues till date to see a better tomorrow and leave a legacy for many to follow.